A 2-man team based in Amman-Jordan, working hard to bring you the best games we can ever imagine, design and develop. Our motivation is driven by the simple need to create games; Games we would love to play and share with everybody else. Currently we are working on our first project, we are very excited about it and we are very determined to develop a fun and enjoyable game.
A competitive card Game, both single and multiplayer
Concentrate and defeat foes with your mind! Race against time as you match cards to gain extra seconds. Combine multiple matches to maximize your gain, and utilize dozens of items to turn the tides in your favor. Enjoy cut scenes in single player story mode, and battle other players in online multiplayer mode. Unlock achievements and keep your name at the top of the list for everyone to see.

Conjaku will hit an app store near you This Winter. be prepared!
Welcome to the 14th century Japan. Where people are turned into living corpses by a mysterious plague. Ookami, a brave wolf spirit, has took it to himself to investigate and get to the bottom of things.

Based on the simple flip and match cards play mechanics, Conjaku is simple and straight forward to pick up and play by anyone, but the concentration gameplay similarities ends there! Time is limited, and each matched couple of cards will increment your timer, however, every second you spend thinking will be used against you by your oponent. To be victorious, you have to outsmart your opponent's strategies as well as utilize dozens of items to finish them!
Each player must flip a couple of cards during their turn, flipping a couple of matching cards will results in tan increment on the player’s timer and will allow the player to flip another pair as well. A player’s turn will end anytime if a mismatch occurs.
Once the timer hits zero, the round will instantly end and the player loses regardless how many successful matched cards are flipped.
Items will be collected during the battle, and must be used at the right moment to be effective. Skills such as Random Vision which allows you to reveal parts of the deck for your advantage will sure come in handy. And powerful skills like Card Ban will surprise and leave your opponent stranded and short-handed.
Cards has many types, and when flipped and matched, items of the same kind will be your reward. Be focused and choose your next card carefully.
If casting away AI controlled demonic spirits isn't challenging enough for you, Take on online virtual people in a never ending worldwide ranked monthly competition!